Privacy Policy

Privacy and Personal Information Protection
Providing information to the client:
When registering on the site, the client provides the following information:
last name, first name, email address, phone number.

Use of information provided by the client and received by the company.
The company uses information:

for client registration on the site;
to fulfill its obligations to the client;
for evaluation and analysis of the site;

Disclosure of information received by the company:
The company undertakes not to disclose information received from the client.

It is not considered a violation of disclosure obligations in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law.

The company may use cookies. Cookies do not contain confidential information and are not passed on to third parties.
The company receives information about the ip-address of the client. This information is not used to identify the visitor.
The company is not responsible for information provided by the client on the site in a public form.

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